Monday, October 4, 2010

“Big Deal”

If you haven’t checked the blog since last week, I hope you’ll notice that I made a new post last Wednesday. It deals with my blood test results for which we’re very thankful.

As you know, I’ve been in tough negotiations with the publisher about the picture they left out of the book. I deem it very important because two posts are about the picture. They contend that the book is “very marketable” without the picture. However, they have inserted the picture in book. They just won’t reprint the order in which I got all of our books. So, that puts me in the dilemma of having 200 books here at the house with the picture missing in them. Friends tell me that it is no “big deal” to the reader and that it is only a “big deal” to me. So this is what I’ve decided to do: I will go ahead and start filling book orders this week, after first going through each book to insert a loose leaf picture in the appropriate page. If this remedy is unsatisfactory to you, I will refund your money and you may keep the book.

Finally, I didn’t mention in Wednesday’s post that the doctor and I talked about my dietary ways and cancer. Coincidentally, some friends have made comments to me about dietary changes they made to help them in their battles. Although I have a rather extensive background in nutrition, I’ve been researching the latest and greatest. As always, what one expert attests to, another one debunks. So, I’ll be making some changes which will hopefully give me a stronger internal chemistry from which to battle. There is so much conflicting data out there that I’m going to latch on to what makes sense to me and just go with it. At this point, I surmise that having some strategy is better than none at all. Of all the scenarios, this one has stuck with me the most: If your fish are sick from swimming in unclean water, what do you do? Do you keep pumping medicines into the fish to keep it healthy, or do you clean the water? I’m going to try to clean my internal water up a bit and see if that helps me be stronger and feel better.

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