Sunday, May 30, 2010

Honor System

Eileen and I went out to a farm today to get pickling-sized cucumbers. Like her mother, Eileen makes great lime pickles. For certain ones of you, yes, I’m trying to get as much work out of Eileen as I can before she has surgery!! Anyway, we hadn’t been to this farm before. When we drove up, we were surprised to see a sign which specified that purchases were to be made on the honor system. We were to choose our produce, weigh it, and then put the money under the scales. We did. The place where we pick blueberries operates the same way. We pick our berries, weigh them, and then leave the money in a box.
It’s really neat that there are people who trust the goodness of others enough to have an honor system. In this age of malicious computer viruses, security cameras, and having to lock down practically everything, it’s amazing that there is an honor system anywhere!! Are there probably ones who take advantage of such systems? Yes. Don’t the owners realize that some people are taking advantage of their trust? Absolutely. Yet, rather than focus on the negative few, they keep their eyes on the many good people.
There’s an old saying which says, “Don’t let the negative few overrule the positive many.” Although we need to remain diligent in our dealings, we don’t need to pickle our hearts. It’s good to focus on the goodness of others, and to expect people to still have an honor system.

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