Monday, November 8, 2010

Thy will be Done

It can be said we can really tell what is at the center of our inward desires by closely watching our actions. I would take it a step farther. I would say that we can tell what is at the center of our inward desires by examining the motivations of our actions. For example, we can help a little old lady across the street. We can do it for the purpose of being helpful. Or, we can do it because it makes us feel good or appreciated. These are two different motivations; the first is to serve another while the second is to serve feelings for Self. Serving Self gets to be an ugly habit which often gives us the outward perception that we are doing good, but the inward motivation is quite self-serving. In other words, the good outward action is precipitated by self-serving motivations. I believe this is why the Bible teaches us that man believes himself to be good, but only God knows the heart. By merely looking at the actions we show to the world, we judge ourselves good. However, closer examination often reveals an undesirable underlying motivation.
We are quick to pray, “Lord, thy will be done.” All too often though, what we really want is the Lord’s will to be done when it happens to match our will!! Otherwise, we beg and plead for our own will to be done, not the Lord’s. This all begs the question: Do we live our life primarily seeking God’s will, or do we live our life according to our will - - - and hope it coincides with Gods’ will? As we look at the political correctness and tolerance for that which is ungodly in this nation, it ought to give us pause as to whose will we are pursuing. Only close self-examination clues us to what is really in our heart. Or, said another way, only close self-examination clues us to who’s Will we truly pursue.
When we stand face-to-face with God, I can imagine Him looking us up and down and simply saying, “Thy will be done.” At that instant, our eternal destiny would be decided by what is really at the heart of our will. In other words, did we live a life of “Thy will be done,” or a life of “My will be done”? For most of us, it should be a scary thought that God might determine our eternal life by saying, “Thy will be done”.

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