Monday, March 26, 2012


The week of Spring Break is over and it has gone by quickly. Although Eileen spentSpring Break considerable time working on school work and her master’s degree, we also found time to spend a lot of time together which included strawberry picking and a couple of outings to the movies. Eileen has worked hard these past two years on her master’s work, in addition to her high school math teaching job. In another month her master’s work will be complete.

I went to the races at Five Flags Speedway here in Pensacola yesterday with a friend. It was a beautiful day but I should have heeded Eileen’s suggestion to take sunscreen. It was in the low 80’s but it didn’t seem that hot so I passed on the sunscreen. I came back from the races, which had been rescheduled because of a rainout on Friday, with a minor but obvious burn. I didn’t think about the fact that I’m supposed to limit my exposure to direct sunlight, because of the chemo drug Gleevec, until I took my dosage at supper time. Oh well, I don’t feel worse for wear and I think most of the burn will be gone by morning.

I mentioned last week that I got my blood tested at the oncologist’s office to make sure that my leukemia is still in remission. I don’t have an appointment with Dr. Tan for another six months; I’m supposed to call the oncologist’s office for the results. I’ll stop in today and get a copy of my results. I pray for good news and I appreciate all those who keep me in their prayers.

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